Cheng Kwek Loong
Master of Business Administration
Sasin, Chulalongkorn University,
Mr. Cheng Kwek Loong started the Little Dragons International School along Rachapruek Pharam 5 area.
        The school has started the first intake of kindergarten students in May 2009. The ideal behind this school came from a fellow SASIN classmate Sanguan Jungsakul MBA 96 who stayed
around this area. While having a Saturday lazy lunch, he was complaining about the lack of choices for good international kindergarten around the Rachapruek area for his daughters.
        Khun Cheng was the Executive Vice Dean that started the Raffles Design Institute in Bangkok in 2001 and has managed it until 2008. Mr. Cheng holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Financial Analysis from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a Master of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Finance from SASIN, Chualalongkorn University
in Thailand. He is married with four daughters and speaks Thai fluently. He enjoys traveling with his family during his free time.

Homeroom Teacher


Head TeacherMs.Mandy
Kindergarten 2Ms.Nan
Kindergarten 2Ms.Racheal
Nursery 2Ms.Lorrain
Nursery 2Ms.Chanell
Nursery 2Ms.Jessica
Nursery 1Ms.Kaye
Nursery 1Ms.Becky
Physical EducationMr.Richman
Chinese TeacherMs.Fan


Infant&Toddler Care


Head Infant & Toddler Care
Ms. Pop
Infant & Toddler Care
Ms. Cecil

Ms. Vera

Thai Teacher


Thai PrincipalMs. Joe
Grade ๔/๕/๖Ms. Da
Grade ๑/๒/๓Ms. Palm
Kindergarten ๒Ms. Nong
Kindergarten ๒Ms. Phean
Kindergarten ๑Ms. Jim
Kindergarten ๑Ms. Karn
Kindergarten ๑Ms. Bo
Nursery ๒Ms. Juk
Nursery ๒Ms. Pang
Nursery ๒Ms. Meaw
Nursery ๑Ms. Palm
Nursery ๑Ms. Bee
Nursery ๑Ms. Act
Nursery ๑Ms. Fern
Nursery ๑Ms. King
PlayGroupMs. May
Music TeacherMs. Kae
Music TeacherMs. Muay
Physical EducationMr. Oh